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Last chapter: specificity ornament

The Ceaster Festival begins, the orchestras are prepared and positioned, the arrival of the solar eclipse marks the beginning of the staging. Everyone in their district gives their role, which makes the audience shudder and scream with joy, but it's not enough. The director takes the defense outward, but they don't last that long. Unexpectedly, LiGHTs seem to make a difference, increasing the mana bar to an amount sufficient to activate the seal, thereby saving the city. Eliza sees everything from the shadows and in the end she talks to her sister and the truth about the distance is revealed, they are reconciled by the memories of the diadem and all the girls become friends.

Chapter Opinion

It was the end that we expected, a lot of music, the protagonist's conflict is also resolved and the important problems. It still fascinates the world in which it takes place. With all of this there was a certain lack of development felt by Lavie, Ashley, Lynette and Rosetta, who are the accompanying group. I say this because I feel we know more about Yuzuriha than about her. We also know more about Yue about her past and her problems. We know little about Rossetta, although it's very important for development. The anime leaves us with a lot of secrets that were irrelevant due to the subject, like mother. A wide world, maybe we should go to the game.

Time to listen, time to dance, time to fight

I will mention the orchestras in the order of their participation: Sadistic Candy, Konohana wa Otome, Sugar Pocket !, IV ​​KLORE, Super Nova and LiGHTs. Affirming my fondness for Yamato girls, this type of fused music catches my attention. The rest isn't far behind, I'm surprised by IV KLORE and Super Nova, the first for a slightly supernatural sound that suits (semi-human) girls very well and the second for a kind of barely noticeable fusion with electro. The rest of the girls play more typical songs Idolsthat still work and make people dance, because I admit it, I've danced with everyone.

One of the things I liked the most was the shift that you can barely feel from one orchestra to another and in those interludes the scenes of the Chloe fights which add a sense of seriousness to the whole event, just great.

The last song, the victory

The protagonists, LiGHTs, are responsible for closing with their presentation, which started out as well Battle Royale. We expected them, the flying ship from the previous chapter had already warned us about its entry, but it still creates astonishment because Tiara and Company were the only orchestra that broke the typical presentation schemes in this anime. The song is good, it made me dance and felt the emotions of the moment.

As the main band, they had to arrive at just the right moment to fill the mana and use the seal. This was a victory against the monsters, but it wasn't the last battle for humanity.


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