For readers of comics who are dedicated to the topic X-Men and in other Marvel stories, characters' deaths are perceived as a passing thing, as an excuse to rejuvenate their adventures after their rebirth. In the final volume of Hellions, however, the mutants seem to have decided to bring Madelyn Pryor, clone of Jean Gray, back to life.

Now that the X-Men are on Krakoa, the final decision on the mutants' resurrection rests in the hands of the Quiet advice, the island's governing body responsible for deciding who should be brought back to life after the bloody events that marked the Hellions' mission to destroy a clone laboratory.

That was revealed in the last volume of the series Madelyne PryorCyclops and Havok's old flame was in the laboratory to get revenge for being disfellowshipped from Krakoa. After being easily repelled by the Hellions, the original Marauders come to their rescue, who were turned into a zombie by Madelyne herself and immediately stopped by John Greycrow, who then aimed his bullets at Pryor and killed her.

Back in Krakoa, we see the council's decisions stating that they want to bring the fallen marauders back to life, but have not been able to do so for Madelyn since It's a clone and that would violate their protocols. In the table below, you can see Havok's desperation after hearing the terrible news.

Recall that Marvel unveiled a major retcon on Cable's death, and we'll leave you to the enigmatic trailer from X-Swords Creation.

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