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Chapter 11: Main Concerns

The nonchalance and laziness caused LiGTHs to relax and forget their motive as the princess learns the truths of the world hidden beneath the light. In Mamuceaster, the others also learn about the dimensions of the impending catastrophe for which they have to play the concert of their lives, a heavy responsibility for some teenagers. Tiara and Company decide to save their friends despite not knowing what they are going to do. Moments of confusion and acceptance occur in the other orchestras as our princess flies to town thanks to the faithful servant.

Chapter Opinion

Chapter before the climax acts as a transition, not only revealing things we may have wondered about or not, but it answers them. It's a little tricky trying to establish a critic and opinion on an anime whose purpose is to entertain, which means nothing more than what it wants to show, and which in a way is only promoting a product. Despite the inconsistencies, the series remains at one point that is not unbalanced and tries to take advantage of the two main themes: Idols and Mahou Shoujo. The series doesn't give more than it wants, it doesn't try to give you a deep message (on top of the typical one), and it works because it's not sophisticated. I have a feeling that all of that was definitely set out in this chapter. There is no drastic act that changes the ending, but everything is within the expected range and it works for him.

The truth is revealed

Any series would lose its charm and its secret if it told you from the beginning: you have to learn to sing because you are the protagonist, besides, this is the only weakness of the monsters that will attack in a near day, most likely in this one Chapter will be finale. Much charm would be left out. When we started the anime we didn't think there would be one final battle, I even expected confrontation with monsters in every chapter, especially in the forest, but no. One of the truths that are revealed to us is the fight against monsters. This is not a mere confrontation, but they give it the meaning it deserves that the last chapter winked at with the soldiers and the witches. The confrontation between humans and monsters is the unexpected within the expected.


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