Historic Sergio Bonelli Editore has continued to offer epic stories of some of the most famous characters on the international comic scene since the 1940s. The company has also planned to release new comics this week. Are you curious to find out which ones?

Even today, though without thunder, the publisher sells thousands of copies of its masterpieces every month, all thanks to some historic bulwarks from Sergio Bonelli S.p.A.. However, there are 7 titles for this week, ranging from Tex to Martin Mystére.

On the day of August 6th The return of Color TEX is striking with the number 17 entitled “The lovers of Rio Grande“. The next day, however, the publisher’s western bulwark with No. 718 returns.”the lady of Rancho Verde“and society contribute Maxi Martin Mystére: Magic Patrol 2. On August 8th, Dylan Dog’s turn is “Color Fest” and 3 complete stories.

Finally, the epic 10th edition of the event ends on August 11th and 12th Dragonero the rebel – “The sleeper“, Martin Mystere 370 (“The case of Matilda Briggs“) and No. 95 of the Stories – Hollywoodland 3.

And on the other hand, which securities will you buy in the next few days? Let us know as usual with a comment in the appropriate field below.

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