in the Boruto: Naruto the next generations One of the franchise's biggest antagonists has become an unexpected ally of the Leaf Village. But what made Orochimaru move to Konoha? While we wait to know what's behind his actions, let's admire him in this scary cosplay.

In the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, Orochimaru is back on the battlefield. This time, however, he did not seem to threaten the leaf village, but to protect it. This sensational and unexpected event was honored by a cosplayer who showed all the ruthlessness the Sannin is capable of.

On his Instagram profile, the cosplayer Pon Pon Cosplay shared his terrifying take on Orochimaru. In this cosplay, the villain ninja finally returns to expression its true essenceand shows everyone why he is so feared and respected. With his very long tongue ready to taste his prey, Orochimaru will scare anyone who looks at the picture.

In Boruto: Naruto the next generations we could admire Orochimaru a new perspective, that of the parent. His "son" is indeed one of Konoha's most powerful genins, as well as the protagonist's best friend and teammate.

But forgetting the legendary ninja's past crimes is impossible. Orochimaru is stained with numerous horrific acts To complete his dark research on banned jutsu, attack the leaf, kill the third Hokage, and be a member of the Dawn Organization. Do you trust in his redemption? Another legendary ninja has come back to life thanks to a fan-made clip from Boruto.

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