The history of Dragon Ball is very long since the manga began in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1984 and lasted until 1995. The young Bulma letter encouraged Goku to take her on a journey that would practically never end. In the search for the Dragon Balls, the young man has matured and grown like the other characters.

With the advent of Dragon Ball Super, we're now familiar with designing adult characters, but let's get back to the beginning. Even earlier if you focus on the phase of Dragon Ball, which is almost never covered those before its publication. As is so often the case, the mangakas make multiple studies of the characters to be included in a new work, and Dragon Ball was no exception.

Akira Toriyama spent several months creating the world of Dragon Ball and its characters. In the thirty-year volume of Dragon Ball, the Images of the original designs by Goku and Bulmaas well as those of Oolong, Yamcha and Pual or the protagonists of the very first saga. There are several designs that we can see in the tweets below where we first notice a more lighthearted and seductive Bulma than the last and with a different name, that is prize. Yamcha looks much more mature and is inspired by the drawing canons of other mangakas like Tetsuo Hara and Tsukasa Hojo.

Pual also made some changes while Oolong and Goku are the closest to the final drafts albeit with some changes. As you can see in a picture, Bulma and Goku's clothes were presented differently at the beginning. Would you have loved to see these characters looking for the seven dragon balls in the manga and anime?

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