EINSTÜCK and its characters have come a long way. Year after year, Luffy and his companions had different adventures and met many people, many good and some bad. These days the Mugiwara crew is almost complete, although some have been left behind on the way.

This is Nefertari Bibi, a legitimate heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Alabasta, which Crocodile of the Fleet of Seven has invaded. The girl joined Luffy's crew and became a real Mugiwara, if only for a short time. Before attacking the capital to free it, i One-piece protagonists marked an X on their left arm in the way of knowing oneself if Mr. 2 Bon Kure uses his power.

The same X was used at the end of the Alabasta saga to greet Bibi without anyone knowing they were friends, so as not to create problems for the re-conquered kingdom. What would that greeting look like today? With ten members available, the line would surely be much longer, and Fan Jarheadd posted a picture on Reddit showing us this There are currently ten Mugiwara with the X on their left arm. Below you can see this new formation who know if something similar will happen the next time they meet Bibi.

Created one of my favorite moments in the entire series on a time-jump version. I was scared I wouldn't make it, but I think it turned out to be good. (Will be updated as more people join the crew) by r / OnePiece

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