Berserk seems to be endless. Kentaro Miura has been working on this job since the distant 80s and seems to be very slow towards graduation. As the various secrets are revealed chapter by chapter, there is still much to be discussed before we reach the end of this epic tale of vengeance and blood.

Miura has plans to complete Berserk, but you always need to consider the pace of the release, with a chapter coming out roughly every quarter. This means it will be a few more years before we see the latest showdown in the manga, whatever it is. Of course it seems that way Fate that Griffith and Guts meetThe latter wore his black armor and Griffith in white and in his bright new realm.

What will this epic berserk scene look like? Fan Anniechromes has been waiting for Kentaro Miura to illustrate a berserk illustration with Griffith and Guts facing each other. Below, in the Reddit post, which has already garnered a number of dissenting votes, we see the shadowy protagonist on the left and his enemy on the right, flooded with white and light. An encounter full of meaning that will forever go down in manga history.

Surely, due to the evolution of his drawing style, the depiction of Miura will be different from that shown in Berserk twenty years ago. All that remains is to wait for the moment when all of this will be official.

"In the End" art from @anniechromes on Twitter. by r / Berserk

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