Between anime series, video games, merchandise and the trading card game, Pokemon is one of the most profitable franchises. Themed products are going to waste now, but there are always nice new products coming out, like this adorable Grookey plush.

Build-A-Bearan American company specializing in the production of stuffed animals has renewed its official partnership with Pokémon and launched the pre-sale of a beautiful toy Grookey plush in your online shop. Speaking of stuffed dolls, this pricey, life-size Pokémon Lucario plushie is also on sale.

This special, super soft teddy bear is 33 cm high and comes with a stylish Hawaiian blouse and matching cape. The special feature of the cuddly toy is the inner equipment of a 5 in 1 sound chip which allows him to reproduce his verses and produce sounds faithful to the series. The price for this miracle is 65 dollars.

Grookey is one of the three starters of the Galar region and evolves first into Thwackey and then back into Rillaboom. After Scorbunny, he is the second starter of Pokémon Sword & Shield to receive a Build-A-Bear plush version. There will almost certainly also be a plushie dedicated to Sobble, the last of the Galar starters, in some time. Let's go back to the first, historical generation instead, here is a fan's 1:1 statue of Charmander.

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