The second season of the anime by Demon Hunter has directed two arcs of Koyoharu Gotouge's manga: the Mugen Train arc and the Red Light District arc. The latter has caused several controversies about Demon Slayer, including that surrounding Nezuko's breasts in her new form.

However, the controversies have not diminished the value of the product: Demon Slayer 2 is an animated masterpiece that Ufotable's Studio decided to give us a gift between 2021 and 2022. The red light district story arc saw other characters with bold cutouts alongside Nezuko.

In fact, Tengen Uzui's three wives have very affluent breasts, which they flaunt in skimpy clothing. This is exactly why in the Chinese version of the anime Demon Slayer i Tengen's women's clothing was censoredas we can see in @tweetsmooth leaks. Her very low-cut dresses have magically become scoop neck dresses to camouflage every slight curve in women.

Excessive censorship? Maybe, but in an anime that's also intended for underage audiences, it seems right to go for a few strong complaints, as in this case. What is certain is that one should try to retouch the original works as little as possible in their transpositions, also out of respect for the authors.

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