As predicted by the titles of May's episodes of Boruto, the saga of the Great Naval Battle continues in the Village of Mist. The war between ninjas and pirates has taken a harsh turn. Both factions have lost fundamental parts and for this they seek revenge. In Boruto 248we will see a new confrontation.

Denki and Iwabei were kidnapped at the end of Boruto 247. The two ninjas of Team 5 was surrounded and overpowered by the elite pirates led by Funamushi Funato and could be executed at any moment.

When Metal Lee and the others realize that the two friends are gone, the alarm goes off. Speaking to Boruto, Kawaki immediately recognizes the danger of the situation. Funamushi Funato is a pirate and therefore he has no pity on the prisoners. He is also blinded by Comrade Seiren's condition. It's only a matter of time before he loses his mind again and executes Denki and Iwabei just like he did Kagura.

As they ponder what to do and prepare to defend the small village, Team 7's ninja, Metal Lee, and the three swordsmen of the mist arrive surprised by the enemy initiative. The pirates of Funamushi Funato have started their attack. Who will triumph in this vengeful life-or-death struggle between Boruto and Funamushi?

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