Since 2017 Japanese Association of Anniversaries recognized July 22nd as the one "One Piece Day"commemorating the anniversary of the launch of the legendary manga franchise in the magazine Weekly Shonen jump. Therefore on the social networks of the project One pieceOn the occasion of its 23rd anniversary, a special picture was unveiled, in which figures from the Wano arch can be seen in traditional Japanese clothing.

One piece

The image also serves to promote the franchise's new merchandise, which includes numbers based on the advertising image. In the application you will also find images that are inspired by the image SimejiAllows you to customize the keyboards and emojis of smartphones.

On the other hand, a special program was broadcast on the official One Piece YouTube channel a few hours ago, in which the voice actress participated, which brings the character of Luffy to life. Mayumi Tanaka. The voice actor also participated Kapi Yamaguchithat enlivens the character of Lysop.

In addition, the hashtag was used to launch a campaign in various social networks #ONE PIECEで 、 つ な が が ろ! (Let's connect via One Piece!) And the hashtag #ア フ レ コ ワ ワ ピ ピ ー (Voice recording for One Piece). This latest hashtag is encouraging fans in Japan to record themselves and play some scenes that have been released and that can be downloaded from the franchise's website.

Finally, it was announced that the application LINE will sell stickers based on the Wano sheet from July 28th.

Source: ANN


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