As the Cell saga ended, it seemed clear that there would be a significant change in pace. And indeed, Akira Toriyama changed the cards on the table quite a bit with the start of the Majin Buu saga in which Goku - temporarily given how things went in the future - gave up Dragon Ball lead role for young Gohannow sixteen.

Gohan didn't manage to become a real protagonist, but he still had the merit of expanding the world of the series a bit in those first moments of the saga. During his school days, before the Tenkaichi tournament, he met Mr. Satan's daughter, young Videl. The girl was a hero for Satan City, just like her father, and she was also Gohan's classmate. Thanks to the discovery of the young man's secret, she managed to secure him an apprenticeship.

From here begins a relationship between the two that will only grow closer and deeper. Videl will become a major character in Dragon Ball by the tournament, bringing a warrior fighter back to the manga stage. Cosplayer Purai decided to make one Videl cosplay with long hair in a fighting pose, perhaps before confronting one of the criminals circling the city.

And do you prefer Videl with long or short hair?

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