Attack of the Giants saw some of the series' highlights in its third season. The Battle of Shiganshina was peppered with extremely epic and important minor events, such as the charge of Erwin Smith on horseback along with his suicidal comrades. That body that came out battered was then taken over by Levi Ackerman.

It was a difficult decision not to give Erwin the giant serum. By choosing to give it to Armin, that's it inevitably changed the whole story of The Attack of the Giantswith all due respect to Levi, who had to keep the blood of another dear friend on his hands, yet another who lost his life in this hunt for giants.

User Princepsed decided to remember it Scene from Attack of the Giants with fan art, but with a very important artistic reference to commemorate this moment with true solemnity. in the picture below, Levi Ackerman holds a dying Erwin in his hands with a conspicuous wound on the side, as in the painting of the Pietà by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, a French painter who immortalized this scene around 1800.

Levi is like the Madonna holding Jesus in this dark and sad, but certainly very powerful and unfussy fan art. And to commemorate the former commander, don't miss out on this Erwin Smith cosplay.

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