All for One is a ruthless and ambitious man who has used his unique skills to build his own criminal empire. He doesn't hesitate to take advantage of others and manipulate events for his own benefit, and even during them War of my Hero Academy He displayed his evil and manipulative abilities.

But that doesn't stop the heroes' desire to triumph. Shiketsu's intervention not only bought the heroes time but also powers to repel the Twice and All for One army as well as provide fresh forces and other solutions. But that didn't stop All for One, who launched mammoth attacks before being threatened by the vast dark power unleashed by Fumikage Tokoyami. In fact, the young man had prepared to attack with his fully upgraded Dark Shadow.

My Hero Academia 382 will showcase the abysmal blackbody effects that the boy spawned and met All for One with. The blow actually hit the villain completely, who therefore must have taken damage or done something to avoid it. Considering that he can't steal the Quirk, All for One may have finally picked up some injuries given the indirect contact with Tokoyami, although he will surely recover in a short time. However, the fact remains that the heroes could use this moment to use a tactic to force him to drain all his power.

My Hero Academia 382 will be released on Manga Plus on Sunday March 5th, 2023 at 16:00.

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