The ONE PIECE Manga is about to reach a historic milestone: in a few weeks it will actually reach 1000 chapters of a story that began in 1997. And in those 23 years there have been many times that Master Oda has given us clues as to what would happen to Luffy and his friends in the future.

So many have happened in ONE PIECE.

And to think that it all started with a rubber boy on a lonely boat in the middle of the sea ...

But 23 years and almost 1000 chapters later the work of Eiichirō Oda It's still high on the charts among the best-selling mangas and generally among the most popular of all time, and there's no denying that its success is more than deserved.

It is one of Strengths of ONE PIECE lies precisely in the author's creative vision and ability to best illustrate it by spreading the setup narrative from the opening chapters that is present in some cases, which then pays off much later in the story.

CBR wanted to take 5 central as example, which are the following.

  • The haki

We aren't actually explained what it is until after the Marineford saga, although we see clues here and there between one story arc and the other, but it can be the first time this particular skill known as Haki has been shown to us in action Go back to the beginning of the Baltic Sea saga when Shanks pushes the Sea King away to save Luffy.

  • Silver Rayleigh

The Pirate King's right arm and deputy captain wasn't technically featured during the Sabaody Archipelago saga, but we had already seen the character in a flashback during Buggy's story, which dates back to when he was the owner of the Fruit Puzzle Puzzle Shanks were still hubs on Gol D. Roger's ship.

  • Sanji's past

Little was known of Sanji's past after its introduction during the Baratie Saga, and it was only during the Jaya Saga that we learned that the Straw Hat crew's chef was not from East Blue but from North Blue. . But we had to wait until Zou and Whole Cake Island to find out more about his origins and his family.

  • Laboon and Brook

When the story of Laboon was unveiled, we knew that sooner or later we would have some other reference to it, but we certainly couldn't expect such a connection with the penultimate (in order of arrival) among the members of Luffy's crew, Brook . In the thriller Bark Saga, however, it is revealed that the crew that Laboon had waited for many years to return were precisely those of the (future) King of Souls.

  • The will of D.

One of the great secrets of One Piece, which is still the subject of a thousand speculations and theories, was gradually introduced, and it is only during the Drum Saga that we discover that D., who is also in the full name of Luffy (Monkey D. Luffy) is present, not being is exclusive. There are several characters that we will meet in the course of the manga who can boast of belonging to the "clan" of D. starting with the king of the pirates personally Gol D. Roger. But what does this bulleted letter mean and what the notorious will of D. is about, Oda has not yet told us.

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