The approach to Pokémon Day, scheduled for February 27th, 2023, is fueling more and more interest in the franchise amid possible announcements about the anime's future given the end of Ash's journey. Wait to discover the different surprises that The Pokemon Company, the trailer for a new animated film has arrived.

Thanks to a recent update released by Weibo, the production of a short film was able to will be released exclusively in China. One piece of news immediately piqued the curiosity of longtime enthusiasts, especially after the release of the official poster at the bottom of the page. Justified Pokemon: Journey of Dreamsthe new movie based on the Pokémon universe seems to be a project that aims to trace the fantastic journey that millions of players have made through the cartridges of the different games of the regular series.

In fact, the boy in the center of the image and protagonist of the trailer interacts with old consoles, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and various games that have shaped the growth and development of the brand. In his room, the child is immersed in a world full of colors and little monsters, among which two icons of the brand are recognizable: Pikachu and Charizard.

As indicated in the post, more news should arrive in the coming days, perhaps precisely during the awaited Pokémon Day.And what do you think of this curious project, exclusive to China, linked to the Pokémon universe? Let us know in the comments. Finally we remind you that in the new Pokémon series there will be a special Pokéball linked to the fate of Roy and we leave you with the first summary of the next anime.

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