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CHAINSAW MAN chapter two

Episode 02. Arrival in Tokyo

CHAINSAW Chapter two begins with Denji leaving for his new destination along with Makima. Although Denji has some questions in between, he soon accepts his new position as Makima's pet, and so he eventually joins Hayakawa's team. Due to Denji's lack of determination, Hayakawa doesn't hesitate to kick him out to no avail. Inevitably having to deal with him, Denji eventually moves in with him. Without much delay, a new ally joins the team, a possessed named Power. Since they both have a demon, Denji and Power are placed as partners, so both suffer the same fate if they don't deliver. Since power is strong, that just means demons tend to run away from it, but that doesn't stop it from giving everything when it finds its prey.

CHAINSAW MAN chapter two

a good person

After leading a miserable life and losing his only friend, Denji has had a strange stroke of luck. His meeting with Makima will undoubtedly be a point of no return for our protagonist. Even so, it's still debatable whether this really was the happiness of his life, or just one of those happinesses that rots over time. Well, despite the fact that Makima is friends with the young man, he does not cease to keep a cold air and a very developed sense of superiority. Also that his savior is so ambivalent that she doesn't know if she's a good or a bad person. That said, his arrival and offering are worthy of an angel of salvation, but his words and actions couldn't be further from that idea.

For his part, Denji has decided to put those thoughts aside. It's not like you have too many options either. Makima's attitude may be dubious, but the truth is that it's thanks to her that he stays alive and even gets a job. In many ways she has become his benefactor and Denji can't forget that for better or for worse. Although the girl's attitude is hard to accept and not kind at all according to my biased perception, she is the kindest person for Denji. Even though he has told him to be his pet, he has given him the best treatment, which only underscores the horrible life the young man has led until now.

CHAINSAW MAN chapter two

new companions

Following Makima to Tokyo has led Denji to enter a new job system for the Devil Hunters. Although his idea was to work with his young benefactor, she doesn't seem to have the time to play with his pet, so he joins a work team full of "maniacs". The leader is none other than Hayakawa Aki, a character who made a strong impression from the start. In his sad attempt to throw Denji out, he got into a rather messy fight with the young man. It was really a painful struggle to watch, even as a woman you wouldn't wish this pain on anyone. That kind of fight certainly wouldn't make them friends, but at least it made Hayakawa refrain from kicking Denji out, at least for now. Both are opposites, it doesn't seem like they fit right away.

Then there's the mad force, a possessed who has retained a good mind. There is no doubt that she is a troublemaker, her pugnacity is high. Also, we must take into account that being possessed, she is in the same group as Denji and once her usefulness is exploited, she will be discarded quickly. But hey, so far we've seen little that although she's a bit dizzy, she's pretty strong. In view of this, weak demons will not come close to them, which only means that their exploits will lie in the fight against more powerful enemies. Which chemistry class will wake up with Denji remains to be seen. At first it seems that not only the demonic nature is the only thing this couple has in common.

A reason to keep going

The main point of contention between Denji and Hayakawa is their determination to do this job. While it's serious business for Hayakawa and possesses great persuasive powers, Denji for his part just seems to go with the flow and not think too much about anything. Aki cannot tolerate this attitude as he knows first hand what can happen to people with mediocre motivation. It also recognizes the efforts and aspirations of those who share or are in some way related to their profession. This is undoubtedly something that is very important to combat, because without a strong motivation, death is hardly the worst of evils. Without a belief and a goal, it's very easy to get lost along the way, and that can have dire consequences in this industry. As I said, the loss of life can only be the smallest, because a mistake could end the life of others irretrievably.

The reality is that motivation will always be a necessary engine in order not to lose our drive. For some, this motivation may be seeking revenge, protecting others, or just wanting to grope some boobs. That's how personal and ambiguous motivations are, what works for everyone works for them. So it's natural that Denji has such a mundane motivation, so to speak, since these things are something he couldn't even dream of before. Experiencing so many ordinary things for the first time was enough for him to feel fulfilled, someone who only receives these crumbs of normalcy can't have big ulterior motives. Those things will come in time as I experience that normality even more.

CHAINSAW MAN chapter two

Final comment

CHAINSAW Chapter two was a much more introductory episode than the previous one. Although chapter one played a kind of prologue, this second chapter played its role as an introduction. Not only did it introduce us to new characters, but it also took us to the new environment in which our protagonist will develop. In the same way, I'm trying to envision this chaotic, demon-infested world that this story takes place in. In many ways it was an excellent introductory episode.

Before closing with this review, I would like to point out that I loved how Aki Denjis discovered unfavorable circumstances. Well, through scolding and small shared details, Aki discovers that this dirty boy can haul a lot more than meets the eye. Of course that doesn't mean that Aki became softer for Denji from one moment to the next or anything. At the very least, it's a good foothold to strengthen their understanding of each other.

By the way, the end of this episode was very nice, although it seems to me that in its example of everyday life that the picture seems to represent, it does not avoid a touch of melancholy. Anyway, I liked it, I liked the first one better, but the rest was quite nice too. The song is 'Zan-ki/Time Left' by zutomayoand even the song name "time left" has something melancholy about it.

As far as the review goes, I'll leave the usual questions: What do you think of this chapter? Do you think they could resist the attack of the orb demon? Who has been your favorite character so far and why Power?

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