There seems to be a pretty clear leitmotif in the final chapters of ONE PIECE. After the murder of two emperors, Big Mom and Kaido, the three supernovas Luffy, Law and Kid move on on their own after earning a prominent place among the pirates of the New World. And now only the top numbers are above it.

To become the pirate king and find the legendary treasure called One Piece is essential Get all Street Poneglyphsand that goes for everyone. So everyone from the Emperor to the Supernova must get the script of all four stones. And that also attracted Shanks the Red, one of the strongest pirates and emperors. While Law is up against Blackbeard and Luffy is up against the Seraphim in Egghead, the Red has targeted Kid who has just approached Elbaf with his crew.

ONE PIECE 1077 puts an important opponent before the other Supernova, creating a strong parallel between the child and the law. The two rivals must ensure they give nothing to the two Emperors to keep any hope of reaching Laugh Tale alive. Given the way Law and Blackbeard's clash was handled, it's possible that Eiichiro Oda decides to apply a similar situation, dedicating a chapter to them for at least the first half, and then occasionally coming back to the situation . However, the rest will of course focus on the Mugiwara, with the challenge against the Seraphim. So there will be a lot of action in the next chapter.

ONE PIECE 1077 will not arrive until March 12, 2023 on Manga Plus due to a hiatus from Eiichiro Oda.

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