The openings of the Attack of the Giants anime helped write the history of this project, carried out first by WIT Studio and then by Studio MAPPA with the latest episodes. But now there is another part to write, the last one, which will obviously be accompanied by various songs, including brand new openings and endings.

After the famous Linked Horizons, after other rather cathartic and even violent openings, which song will open the first part of the finale of The Attack of the Giants? After the trailer for Attack on Titan 4 in the past few days, it is now clear who will take care of the start of the series.

The choice fell on SiM, who prepared the song "Under the Tree", official opening of Attack on Titan 4 Final Part Part 1. The poster that was distributed along with the song's announcement shows a bloodied Mikasa lying on the floor, clutching tightly in her left hand the red scarf Eren gave her when they first met. The song is probably just for her, unlike "The Rumbling", which is more in the vein of Eren, which instead accompanied last season's episodes.

"Under the Tree" obviously evokes a nostalgic moment for Mikasa, to those times when she and Eren could relax under the Shiganshina Tree, and maybe it's also a promise to meet up there again when it's all over. There are already a few leaks of the SiM song circulating on the internet, which, however, will not be officially distributed until March. The song will manage to win favor with anime audiences attack on Titan like all previous openings in the series?

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