The remaining time is short and there is no turning back. Deku also knows that he will have little chance of finding clues to his enemies and that every opportunity must be used to the maximum. Hence the protagonist Doesn't hold back in Chapter 313 of My Hero Academia.

All Might is safe thanks to the powerful resistance of his Hercules armored car. The villain attack he faces on the opening pages of My Hero Academia 313 is about to step in on a completely different scale. The former hero uses his cell phone to warn that Deku is under attack and then gets out of the car before it explodes. The two villains, who seem to be little fish, parry against All Might, who only need his presence and a few catchy sentences to scare them.

In the meantime, the conflict between Deku and Lady Nagant continues. The protagonist zigzags between streets and buildings so as not to give an exact reference point, but his sense of danger is activated and thus prevents a curved ball from coming off his shoulders with one kick. Suddenly, however, another bullet appears with a straight trajectory, which injures his frontal side, so quickly that he does not even activate the peculiarity. At this moment it is so Deku realizes that Lady Nagant has a second quirk in her possession this guarantees considerable mobility.

Understanding this, he decides to change tactics and stop Lady Nagant from making the most of the wall of smoke. The woman watches her opponent from above, recognizes every single movement and prepares to shoot at the first opportunity. In the smoke, Deku decides to also use the peculiarity of the third owner of the One for Allalthough advised against by his mentors. However, he doesn't have much time to choose from and nothing else to do: so he throws the cloak, mask and backpack to deceive Lady Nagant, who shoots at all three targets without hesitation.

Deku, however, rushes at her from below, hurls himself over the floors of a building and reaches her into the sky. In the latest cartoon from My Hero Academia 313, Deku grabs Lady Nagant's arm and is therefore very close to beat them.

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