The War of My hero academia season 6 develops in unexpected ways. The foundations of the Hero Society threaten to collapse at any moment. It's time for viewers of the anime series to witness Dabi's hellish dance.

In My Hero Academia 6x10, All For One is one step away from stealing One For All to Midoriya. However, in the world of the remains, Deku managed to save himself from the attack of the Symbol of Fear.

Back in the real world, the heroes attack again, with Shoto and Nejire Hado doing their best to stop Shigaraki. Now exhausted, the villain comes saved by the intervention of Gigantomachy, on whose shoulders the rest of the Union stand. Thus begins a long monologue.

Dabi becomes the protagonist of one of the most sensational revelations of the whole work. He is actually Endeavor's dead son, Toya Todoroki. After revealing his identity to the whole world thanks to the broadcast of Skeptic, he tells the viewers the truth about the horrific past of the Todoroki family. His infernal dance also includes Hawks, who he claims is guilty of killing Best Jeanist and Twice.

Not just Endeavor and Shoto, but the entire Todoroki family and the Japanese people are shocked by this terrible reality. Will the Hero Society still be able to win the trust of the citizens? The fight continues with the release of My Hero Academia 6x12.

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