In Onigashima, the battle rages between the Tobiroppo and the Mugiwara, with the flying castle being the scene of sensational clashes. But will the Straw Hat Pirates hold out until their Captain Luffy's return draws ever closer, or will they fall victim to Kaido's crew's attacks? Here's what will happen ONE PIECE 1045.

To capture the spotlight of the latest episodes, the couple is formed by Nico Robin and Brooke, attacked by Black Maria. After dispelling the treacherous mist of Tobiroppo that traps those who breathed it in the past, Robin has unleashed his ace up his sleeve in ONE PIECE 1044. Suffered from the anger of Black Maria, the archaeologist originally from Ohara si turns into a devil and ends the fight. Brook instead knocks out Black Maria's subordinates.

At the same time, Luffy continues to feed on the supplies procured from the Pirates of Hearts. mlittle time for his full recovery, but reaching the flying fortress seems impossible. To this end, Momonosuke asks Shinobu to use the Juku-Juku Fruit to transform his body into that of an adult and allow him to become a dragon.

In which'Preview of ONE PIECE 1045 the matter is put aside. The episode will put killers in the spotlight, but also Sanji who has to defend Zoro from the onslaught of enemies. Entitled "Enchantment! A threat is approaching! Kid and Zorro!” will debut in ONE PIECE 1045 Simulcast streaming December 18th on Crunchyroll. We leave you to the titles of the next episodes of the ONE PIECE anime.

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