On the official site for the animated adaptation of the manga written and illustrated by Yui Hara, Kiniro mosaic (KINMOZA!) was titled a new promotional video for the upcoming film adaptation Kiniro Mosaic: Thank you !!. The video shows a fragment of the main theme song entitled “Kin-iro Rhodanthe” sung by the voice actor unit. Rhodanthe. The film premieres in Japan on August 20, ending the animated franchise.

On the other hand, Hara started publishing the manga in Houbunsha Publishing’s Manga Time Kirara Max magazine in June 2010 and finished it in March this year. A new manga titled Kiniro Mosaic Best Wishes was released in May 2020 and ended in March 2021. The work inspired an anime adaptation by Studio Gokumi that was released in July 2013, followed by a second season that was released in April 2015 became.


  • Nao touyama as Karen Kujou.
  • Risa Taneda as Aya Komichi.
  • Manami Tanaka as Alice Cartelet.
  • Yumi uchiyama as Youko Inokuma.
  • Asuka nishi as Shinobu Oomiya

Production team

  • Munenori nawa (Arterial assets: Akai Yakusoku, Kiss x sister, Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru) is responsible for directing the feature film in Studio gokumi and during studies AXsiZ.
  • Yuniko Ayana (BanG dream!, Flip flaps, Given) is responsible for writing and maintaining the scripts.
  • Kazuyuki ueta (BanG dream! 2nd season, Hinako notice, Sora to Umi no Aida) is responsible for character design.
Kiniro Mosaic: Thank you !!

Kiniro Mosaic Synopsis: Thank you !!

In the spring of her third year of high school, Shinobu and her friends go on a school trip. The destination is the Nara and Kyoto prefectures, and they can’t help but be completely excited on their first multi-night trip. Shinobu is surprised that it wasn’t a trip to England, but Alice is more than happy that she can continue to admire Japanese culture. Aya is obsessed with late night love stories, Youko is busy doing mischief, and Karen is with them, though of a different kind. After this trip, it is time to think about your plans for the future, what will happen?

Source: Official Twitter account

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