January 4th Shonen Jump started the biggest manga popularity poll of all time, the ONE PIECE WORLD TOP 100. The mega poll was also published internationally by the New York Times and ends on February 28th, the date on which The name of the fan-favorite character from the Oda series will be announced.

However, I am waiting to find out the final results We can look at the first voting predictions, reported on New World Artur’s Twitter profile. In fact, the fan has created a preliminary ranking based on the number of appearances of the characters in the “Top 3 of the Day” on the official website and assigns a variable number of points based on the level of the podium occupied.

In summary, Luffy seems to top the ranking of the most popular characterswith Zoro and Sanji behind. After all, the protagonist of the series was always the big favorite, even if the voice gap between him and Zoro is anything but insurmountable. Yamato and Boa Hancock complete the top 5, while Nami, Law, Carrot, Nico Robin and Usopp find their place in the top 10. We know for sure that sooner or later a new member will be added to Luffy’s crew and the rumors and theories over the past few months shouldn’t come as a surprise to the results.

In Europe, Law, Nami, and Carrot are the three most chosen characters of the day, although, as you can see below, the trio varies significantly from hour to hour. We remind you that there are exactly three weeks left before the end of the voteand that it is possible to express one preference per day. The winner will be announced in the May issue of Weekly Shonen Jump along with the full Top 100.

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