The singer Masayoshi Ooishi It was announced through his Twitter account that he was involved in the creation and production of an animation project. Ooishi has not specified the format of this animation (short film, feature film, series) or a music video and has only published a promotional image of the project.

On the other hand, Ooishi was born on January 5, 1980 in Uwajima, Japan. His professional career began in 2001 as the band's lead singer. Sound plan. After the band split up in 2006, the singer embarked on a solo career beginning with the release of his single "Honoka Terasu" in 2008. The band then rejoined Sound Schedule in 2011, with Ooishi returning as a singer.

Ooishi has performed musical themes for all three seasons of the year Overlord, Hand shaker, Diamond no ace, Diamond no Ace: Second Season, Prince of Stride: Alternative Y. SSSS.GRIDMΛNas part of the musical unit OxT in collaboration with the guitarist [email protected]. Solo has participated in series such as Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Y. Cop craft.

Masayoshi Ooishi also composed and arranged musical themes for series such as Makura no danshi Y. A3! Spring & Summer seasonand is currently preparing to participate in the series opening themes Dragon, ie wo chew ((Dragon goes on house hunting) Y. SSSS.Dynazenon.

Source: Official Twitter account



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