Warning! This review on Horimiya Chapter five contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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Page 5. I can't say it out loud

Horimiya Chapter five begins with a pensive Hori after Miyamura's confession. Things go wrong when she gets jealous of a little misunderstanding, but it doesn't take long to resolve. Before he can sort out his situation, Kyousuke, Hori's father, comes home. It is thanks to him that Hori finally declares Miyamura to be her boyfriend. Now that they meet, Miyamura tells Tooru that even though it hurts, he decides to move on. For her part, Sakura continues to appreciate Ishikawa from afar, her complex doesn't allow her to be more confident and is a little frustrated with Remi. In the end, they both make amends quickly. Miyamura is still a little uncomfortable with Tooru, but he asks him to be normal as they are both fine.

Finally Horimiya

Now yes, we are finally ready for the explosion of this youthful romance. Miyamura expressed her feelings in a kind of impulse and received her response. The casual way of confessing and walking turned out to be a little escape. He knew Hori was awake, but he wasn't ready to hear her answer. A very sincere touch for this couple because, despite their closeness and apparent interest, Miyamura is someone with a lot of insecurities. It is logical to see it escape as the first impulse. Hori was no better at it, as she also had her own insecurities, although of course hers were more focused on the future that lay ahead. She thought more about the future, her doubts were always in the change that their relationship would undergo but not in their feelings, which were always where they should.

For both of them the answer came of its own accord, they could not escape this conversation and less so when there were misunderstandings that had to be clarified. Chika's unexpected appearance as a potential rival finally made Kyoko understand the importance of the change in their relationship. A bit like what I experience with Remi, but with an even more uncomfortable feeling, she doesn't want Miyamura to be taken from her. But the only way to do that is by being special to one another. At first Miyamura didn't expect an answer, but when he felt the ease with which he could be hated and thrown aside, his perspective changed too. So both understood the need to be special, more like a couple.

In this way the climax came in a very typical way for her. Again, they were not wrapped in their own world, nor did they have the rosiest moment, it was made official with a simple statement. It may seem a bit romantic, but the freshness and mundane nature of its transformation make it special. Horimiya I don't need a detailed statement or a sweet moment to convey the weight of the emotions. Obviously everything was depicted, the shame, pride, relief and love, the only statement from Hori to his father that pointed to Miyamura as her friend was enough to fill our hearts. The cherry that completed the picture was her progress as she held her hands and felt the weight of the parting.

True friendship

Although the officialization of the Horimiya was the big cherry on the cake, we cannot ignore the signs of friendship we saw. Let's talk about Sakura first, she continues to watch Tooru from a distance and as a good observer in love she cannot ignore the changes in her posture. Unfortunately, although she takes care of him, there is nothing she can do because she does not have the confidence to approach him. Remi, who takes care of her friend, offers to help her, even if it's just a matter of listening to her. It's not that Sakura doesn't want to go to Remi, it's just that she lacks confidence in every way. It is not easy for her to admit that she falls in love because she feels unsuitable. Something like falling in love doesn't seem like something she's entitled to. Like many girls, Sakura has no confidence in her personal image. Unfortunately, she spent too much time being compared to Remi for she to inadvertently do so.

It's not that Sakura actually wants to be Remi, she just wants more confidence. Remi knows that well, she is definitely his best friend. Sakura's words were a little harsh and could hurt if they weren't for Remi, who she knows and understands best. They have this level of confidence that they can easily forgive themselves knowing that there was no real intention to harm themselves. Then we have Miyamura and Ishikawa, they may not have the same level of confidence as Sakura and Remi, but there is no doubt that they have already become good friends. Because despite his love, Tooru could withdraw and accept his friend's victory. Because at the end of the day, that's them, friends and no matter what, that's important and special to him.

In both cases, it is clear that friendship is very special, especially at this age when it seems like you are the only people who really understand and support us.

The change that I don't fit into

It is not my style to compare anime to manga, I rarely do it and generally only when necessary. This time I am faced with one of these situations. We already knew that they made a lot of adjustments in this adaptation that resulted in the removal of several scenes from the manga, entire chapters in fact. However, skipping this week was very disturbing to me. I'll put them into context, after his confession and his escape, Miyamura doesn't know how to face his feelings and goes to Shindou for advice. Obviously that didn't happen in the anime and that's exactly what left me a little cold. Well, this conversation with Shindou is a major turning point in Miyamura's feelings.

Contrary to what the anime portrayed and explained above, Miyamura doesn't seek an answer just for feeling how easily it could be hated. In fact, it is thanks to Shindou that he chooses to have Hori just for him, that is, that he wants to be special to her. It is a little complicated for him to accept this at first, as his self-confidence is known to decrease very sharply. But again, Shindou is the one who puts his feet on the ground and lets him see how insulting his contemptuous demeanor is. Because by despising himself in this way, he also questions the feelings of those who love him, like Hori. This makes it clear to Miyamura that it is not up to him but to Hori to accept or reject these feelings. It's a whole process that has just been eliminated that hurts because it's beautiful and thoughtful.

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Final comment

Horimiya Chapter five was a beautiful episode, the confirmation of their love and the beginning of the relationship between Hori and Miyamura was so natural that it is pleasant to see her. There are too many things that have been removed for this adjustment so all of these developments may feel a bit rushed, but times don't allow it. The comfort and day-to-day life of everyday life only serve as an impulse to show how organic your relationship is. And even if there wasn't such a record, the two of you are of an age where everything is moving in a rush. There is nothing wrong with letting go.

Before I finish, I just want to say that I love Hori's father's introduction. Kyousuke is one of my favorite characters, he's definitely not your typical father. The best thing about him is how relaxed his character is. At the moment he's already shown us that he can adapt and relate, which Miyamura's attention quickly took over. As you will see later, he is undoubtedly an excellent father-in-law.

So far, I leave you the usual questions: What did you think of this chapter? Did you like the beginning of the Horimiya? What is your opinion on Sakura and Remi's friendship? Who will make Tooru happy? We'll agree with you that you really deserve it.


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