Dragon Ball fans have now thwarted the main characters of the brand with unthinkable worlds. It is not surprising now to find on the net Goku and Vegeta drawn in the style of the Ghibli studio, in that of Naruto, or clashes between the protagonists of Akira Toriyama and those of other mangas. In short, there is considerable inspiration.

One of the most famous crossovers sees the Dragon Ball world intertwine with feudal Japan, with the characters who then become ninja, samurai, daimyo and all the characters that were popular in the archipelago a few centuries ago. We’ve seen Caspersz’s creations with Gohan and Broly Samurai, but Kenji_893 has often worked hard on that front too.

In the last few days he himself suggested a Drawing of adult trunks in samurai version. Dragon Ball’s Saiyan, also back in Dragon Ball Super, keeps the same uniform as when he first appeared, obviously modified to match the Edo period style. The inevitable sword has now become a katana, the purple jacket with a pattern that is and inevitably reminiscent of the Capsule Corporation logo a samurai armor. The fan art below was very popular, what do you think?

For other works, Kenji has already shared the characters of Dragon Ball in the samurai version in the past, such as Gogeta, Vegeta and Freeza, among others.

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