Shueisha continues to advertise ONE PIECE with special content. While the third chapter about Ace, drawn by Boichi, is featured in the magazine dedicated to the manga, Weekly Shonen Jump continues to promote special events. Indeed it is ONE PIECE cover comic project.

In 2019 Shueisha had proposed chapters 51 and 52 of ONE PIECE "Roronoa Zoro falls into the sea", drawn by Boichi, Mangaka famous for Dr. Stone and Sun Ken Rock, as well as the adaptation of Ace's light novel, still in progress. The project continues with a new manga that will be back on the Weekly Shonen Jump pages next week. the Mangaka in question is Naoshi Komi, famous for his work on Nisekoi: False Love, a romantic comedy published by the same magazine between 2012 and 2016.

the The chapter chosen by the ONE PIECE Cover Comic Project for the remake is 216, entitled "Bibi's Adventure". It will therefore be the Princess of Alabasta who is drawn by another mangaka. For now, the leaks have confirmed that the ONE PIECE special chapter will have an opening color page, but it is not yet known how many pages it will consist of.

Are you satisfied with the return of the project? And which chapter would you like to see redrawn and from which mangaka?

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