The working conditions of theAnime industry has been reported repeatedly over the years, with details often revealing hard working hours and high demands on the upcoming series production.

Recently the animation director released one of the most anticipated anime of the winter season 2022, Tokyo Twenty Fourth WardHe took to Twitter and did not mince his words when it came to the harsh working conditions he and his team face in preparation for the series for his own. Debut in January as part of the CloverWorks series for 2022.

Starting since October, that Director Kiminori Ito he did not hold back Pessimistic outlook on Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward productionwhich will be released on January 5th for Cloverworks: β€œCloverWorks has three series planned for January. The fact that Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward was last announced is because his work schedule is the most backward, I imagine".

Over the next month, Ito shared that when an overwhelming schedule is required for an upcoming project, the animation director role can often be limited: Director will continue with the layout checks, however there is no animation director".

To add some humor to the speech, the director of Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward made some comments regarding the outsourcing of potential work on the series:

"* In a state of enlightenment * Don't worry, we can always outsource the most important animations, between animation, coloring and compositing, abroad! An animation director leads a quiet life with a glass of wine in hand while making small and simple adjustments to faces on his own.. There was a time when I thought that way. "

In the past few days, Ito has shown Photo of yourself camping in the office as the start date of the next anime series is approaching. While CloverWorks has not commented on the schedule for its next series, the animation director is clearly not enthusiastic about the tough schedule that has been imposed on him and his fellow animators, and It remains to be seen whether Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward will be affected.

An animator from My Hero Academia and Jujutsu Kaisen also recently commented on the industry. What do you think of these comments from animation director Kiminori Ito? Let us know in the comments.

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