From the first chapter of ONE PIECE you could see the Fruit Gom Gom in action, which was owned by Shanks and his crew, perhaps with the intention of reselling it, but which was ruthlessly eaten by Monkey D. Luffy. The protagonist of the story thus became rubber.

It has long been believed that given a mere paramisha, however, this is not entirely the case. The history of the gom gom fruit began to thicken during the Onigashima period when Who is Who began to reveal some secrets that were later corroborated by the speeches of the Five Stars of Wisdom. The gom gom fruit finally turned out to be the one Fruit homo homo mythological Nika modelwith different properties.

In view of the latest findings, who ate the gom-gom fruit in the story of ONE PIECE? Obviously Monkey D. Luffy is a safe answer since he currently has one. Before him, however, the tour will have traveled around the world and been in the hands of several owners. With the latest revelations, we know that Gol D. Roger did not eat the devil fruit in question, as several theories in the past would have it.

Definitely Luffy is related to Joy Boy and for this reason it is likely that this mysterious man also ate the gom-gom fruit. After all, since Nika is a mythological figure, she cannot have eaten the same fruit as was believed until a few weeks ago.

So far there is only one certified homo homo fruit model owner Nika, ma with Joy Boy being a very credible candidate for the question.

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