The king of the underworld has returned from the oblivion to which he was banished to threaten the peace desired by the goddess Athena. But this time around, Hades is not the protagonist of any new anime or special chapter of The zodiac knights, but a spectacular collector's statue.

Made by Z Studio, this statue worth over 250 excluding shipping costs is a must for any fan of the Hades saga of the knights of the zodiac. The figure, which will be released in the second quarter of 2021 and can already be pre-ordered, is in 1/6 scale with dimensions of 46 cm x 45.6 cm x 33 cm.

From the pictures Mundo Kame shared on Twitter, the quality seems to be very high. What is surprising are the numerous details that are present, from the engravings on the sword of the lone god of the underground kingdom to the spectacular armor and the cosmos that burns around him. In addition, while leaving out the skulls on her feet, the statue can instill fear that she admires deep and sad look from Hades. What do you think of this statue Would you like to add it to your personal collection? We discover the origins of Arles, the villain of the Knights of the Zodiac. Let's compare the Italian and Japanese dubbing and let's discover the real names of the knights of the zodiac.

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