The famous toy company Funko is about to start a new wave of pop! theme Marvel Comics. In this ingenious series of figures, the superheroes of the US publisher have turned into zombies who are hungry for human flesh.

The Funko Pop! Marvel Zombies features some of the most popular characters by fans. Thor, Gambit, Dr. Doom, Red Hulk and MODOK Join the ranks of the undead trying to tear apart a poor, unsuspecting citizen. The superheroes in these characters are especially frightening because of their glassy eyes, exposed jaws, and wrinkled, unmade flesh.

In addition to the characters already mentioned, available on Amazon, there are several exclusive figures Only available through the stores of selected chains. Gambit Glow in the Dark Zombie is exclusive to BoxLunch, She-Hulk Zombie is exclusive to Hot Topic, Rogue Zombie, GameStop, Mystica, FYE and Moon Night is exclusive to Funko Shop.

The protagonists of this new pop line! are inspired by Marvel zombies, a five-issue miniseries by Robert Kirkman, author of The Walking Dead, published by Marvel between 2005 and 2006. Let's discover the new Marvel Comics series dedicated to the Black Knight. A unique villain is back in The Magnificent Ms. Marvel.

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