Publishing a manga weekly is a tough challenge for every mangaka and Eiichiro Oda, the series creator ONE PIECE, he knows well from his more than twenty-year career in the industry. Despite all the work, the author has managed to participate in the production of the films several times, including the next ONE PIECE: RED.

Waiting for more information about it the plot of the next animated feature film, some rather interesting details have come to light about Oda's advice and direction in the production of some of the previous films. As for the tenth movie, ONE PIECE: Strong World, recently available on NetflixThe editors of the series clarified how Oda spoke about the importance of capturing viewers' attention from the very first scenes and making images available to directors and animators.

We then talked about the thirteenth film, ONE PIECE: Gold, on which Oda was one of the executive producers, helping with the editors final title decision process, and personally asked singer Mayumi Kojima to create the soundtrack for the opening and then have her appear as a character in the film. Let us know what you think of these interesting anecdotes in the comments.

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