The war for control of Onigashima continues, and while Luffy, Zoro and the other members of the worst generation face the power of both Emperors Kaido and Big Mom, CP0 analyzes the situation and makes the advantage of the Pirates of the Hundred clear over the beasts Rebels who seem to have a secret weapon.

Chapter 1004 showed up immediately the participation of little Tama in the struggle for the fate of Onigashima. Driven by the desire to help her friends, Amigasa's Kunoichi used the power of her devil fruit and created numerous dangos for Kaido's crew to eat. In addition to animals, indeed the special dango produced by Tama's cheeksseem to have a special effect on anyone who has picked up a smile, an artificial devil fruit originally created by Vegapunk.

Thanks to the help of Speed, a member of Kaido's crew and later the Gifters, many of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts switch to Tama's side because forced to carry out his bid as soon as the dango are eaten. Tama's usefulness and incredible ability are instantly useful in the confrontation that gets Franky, Nami, and Usopp into trouble, and seem to guarantee at least one momentary advantage for the rebels.

Remember, Big Mom is the protagonist of a disturbing illustration, and we'll leave chapter 1005 predictions.

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