In My Hero Academia, we have known few heroic realities for a long time. The world created by Kohei Horikoshi it was mostly about the yuei, the private academy for those who want to become a hero, in which the protagonist Izuku Midoriya participates. We then got to know other schools for those who want to pursue this career.

During the episodes of the third season of My Hero Academia, after seeing the end of the role of All Might, Deku and the others decided to take the exam for the provisional license as a hero. Here they met many other boys like them, some even from their second or third year, from other schools. One of the best known is the Shiketsu, a renowned academy that exists Put several students like Camie Utsushimi on the line.

The girl appears in a very tight black dress that shows all the curved shapes of the body, accompanied by the typical academy hat. This character was recently brought to life by the Camie Utsushimi Cosplay created by Natalia Kat, Polish-Canadian model who had already ventured into the world of My Hero Academia with a cheerleader from Ochako Uraraka. Below is the photo suggested by the model on Instagram. What do you think of this character? My hero academia?

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