The new chapter of is decisive for the final fate of the struggle against the supernatural liberation front My hero academia Finally explained to readers how Best Jeanist managed to fake his own death and fool Dabi.

After being severely injured during the Battle of Kamino, Hero Number 3 Best Jeanist had temporarily withdrawn from the scene to take care of his recovery. However, during what appeared to be a friendly visit from Hawks, the Pro Hero had been betrayed and killed. But how did the two manage to stage this death?

Best Jeanist's murder was actual a hawks trick To convince Dabi of his loyalty to the supernatural liberation front. The criminal, skeptical of seeing the hero among the ranks of the villains, asked him to bring him the head of the number 3. Finally, Chapter 299 of My Hero Academia has explained the plan developed by the two Pro Heroes.

During a conversation with his colleague, Best Jeanist reveals that the Central Hospital invented a specific drug that can simulate one State of apparent death. After deceiving Dabi, who exposed the hero's lifeless body as a war trophy, Hawks was able to revive his friend and enable him to surprise his enemies and turn the tide of war. Let's find out how the Pro Heroes will react in My Hero Academia 300.

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