Throughout the anime Boruto: Naruto the next generations We have never seen the Seventh Hokage’s son worry about love affairs. The protagonist does not seem to notice the attention he is being given and his thoughts seem to focus exclusively on the world of jutsu and the path of the ninja.

In the new episode of the animated series, Team 7 went to the Leaf Village science labs to accompany Katasuke, who was tending to the Hokage’s arm. During this visit, the ninja trio came across an old friend, Sumire. But during the meeting with the girl, the readers of the manga noticed a sensational omission.

In some cartoons of paper work, Sumire asks Sarada whether or not she is interested in Boruto. Completely surprised, the young Uchiha has no time to answer, but her friend declares his “love”.

That scene was in the cartoon completely suppressedhow Sarada and Sumire quickly say goodbye without thinking about it. Why was this romantic triangle left out? The most widespread theory would like Sarada to bond with Boruto, and for that, Sumire’s interest in the anime has been definitively voided. What do you think of this story The latest episode of Boruto announced the arrival of Kawaki. We discover the terrible fate of a Ninja of the Leaf in Boruto 185.

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