The cartoon Pokémon exploration allowed Ash Ketchum to get some of the most powerful pocket monsters, but the recent capture of a Legendary by Go could push the game brand’s work to new incredible limits.

The conquest of Suicune has created a lot of controversy among Pokémon Exploration fans. The legendary indeed follows a completely different behavior than what we’ve learned over the course of the series and his trainer Go decides to pamper him instead of trying to keep him by his side.

In addition, this capture led to Go, who is still an inexperienced trainer match Ash’s abilitieswho had to make do with a Gengar and a Dragon in Pokémon Exploration. However, the anime community agrees that we can see more footage of legendary beings from now on.

There are dozen and dozen legendary creatures in the Pokédex, and Ash’s dream is to capture them all to become them best coach in history. We’ll only find out in the next few episodes whether the protagonist manages to catch his first legendary. If that happens who do you think it could be? In the meantime, we discover 5 Pokémon that Ash should never have left.

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