The Mugiwara traveled on the A thousand sunny. This ship was prepared by Franky in Water Seven and has accompanied the protagonists of ONE PIECE for about 10 years. Let us wait for the eleventh Mugiwara to rise to us in the world and take a look at the past.

At the beginning of ONE PIECE, Luffy and Zoro tried to travel from island to island in a makeshift boat until they met Usopp. At that moment, to save the island from Kuro's plans, They received the Going Merry as a gift, a small ship that took the crew to different regions of the world. Although not equipped and sturdy enough for the Rotta Maggiore, the ship took her to Water Seven, where she died at a Viking funeral.

Throughout history, the Going Merry has suffered a lot of damage, sometimes small and involuntary from its crew, sometimes from enemies and dangerous situations. However, the most serious damage the Going Merry has suffered may have been what Hyena Bellamy and her gang Jaya did. A fan did an analysis and after posting on the ONE PIECE subReddit as you can see below, found that The damage Bellamy inflicted on the Going Merry is the same as it later manifested during his final journey.

In the picture comparing chapter 231 and the 430 of ONE PIECE we see that The way the going merry breaks apart is practically identical. Then obviously the other damage sustained during the voyage put the ship to a severe test that the protagonists' pirates would have left behind anyway. But in the meantime, the ship continues to live in the hearts of fans. Do you remember that inexpensive cosplay from Going Merry?

I just discovered that Bellamy was the one who killed her and I already hated him from r / OnePiece

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