Do you like PTickles? The Pokémon fanatic showed off all of his graphic and resourceful skills by creating a series of unpublished developments by Eevee. On the subreddit dedicated to the world of Pokémon, the fan decided to showcase his works that make up for the shortcomings of the industry Evolutionary from Eevee.

During the latest Pokémon news, we introduced the Champeon evolution the fighting type Eevee. The fan then continued to suggest their designs when they went viral. He made them in the perfect Pokémon style, adding details like evolution modes and skills. He introduced creatures that wouldn't look out of place in future versions of Gamefreak video games.

After last week's Scorpeon, it's your turn Nimbeon, Eevee with a flying development. The pocket creature has a blue body and some pink parts like paws and cheeks, while a hair covers some areas of the body and is in the shape of a cloud. The ears, always cream-colored like the down, are reminiscent of a pair of wings. His ability is graceful, same as Togekiss, and can evolve from Eevee if he uses Ventoincoda during battle.

Would he be part of your Pokémon team?

Eeveelution # 7 in my project to create one for each unused type is the flying type Nimbeon! by r / pokemon

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