The problematic serialization of Berserk it goes hand in hand with the difficulties of its protagonist Gatsu, whose fate seems very uncertain. Things seem to be changing, however, as Young Animals magazine has confirmed the arrival of an upcoming announcement poised to mark "a fresh start".

The berserk manga continues another indefinite pauseafter the author returned briefly with chapter 361, an extraordinary episode that eventually clarified the origins behind the armor of Gatsu. Although no news of the resumption of serialization is known yet, the magazine took the opportunity to publish a promotional image that you can admire at the end of the news that confirms the arrival of a Announcement next October 9th.

The date is accompanied by an enigmatic writing that reads: "A new beginning". It's not clear what type of start the announcement is referring to, but rumors are heralding the release of a trailer. In either case, the teaser could refer to a new animated season as well as a novelty in the manga. We therefore encourage you to keep following us so as not to miss any further information about this sensational announcement.

And you, instead, what do you expect next October 9th, the announcement of an anime, or maybe the start of the latest saga? As usual, let us know your opinion on this with a comment in the corresponding field at the bottom of the page.

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