The Wano saga has turned out to be the longest in the manga so far and is still ongoing. ONE PIECE seems reluctant to cope, with many events superseding the saga ending in which Kaido is defeated. But now there are very few scenarios left to analyze.

Luffy and Kaido are still fighting on the rooftop of Onigashima. After awakening the devil fruit, the Protagonist of ONE PIECE managed to throw the emperor into a crisis, which makes him very tired. However, the latter has many tricks up its sleeve and uses a technique in a flame concert that it is capable of making it burn. Flames also blaze in Onigashima, although Jinbe's water bears fruit. One flame, on the other hand, seems to have died out for good: Denjiro decapitated a flaming Orochi that was about to attack Komurasaki.

This flame dance will end in ONE PIECE 1049? Really difficult: the Shogun has been shown to have more lives than a cat, likely due to the power of his devil fruit, and the hypothesis that he's still alive can't be ruled out. At this point, Orochi will return either immediately or at the end of Wano if he tries to escape from the island. However, in the first case, Denjiro has to face an uphill battle.

By now, Luffy's punch has already collided with Kaidos and therefore we will surely see the effects of this powerful collision in the next chapter. Momonosuke can finally do something to move the floating island. However, it seems difficult to see the end of the clash as early as chapter 1049.

ONE PIECE 1049 will be released on MangaPlus on Sunday, May 15th at 17:00.

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