A few weeks have now passed since the broadcast of the acclaimed ONE PIECE 1015, an episode that finally brought Luffy and the other allies to the top of Onigashima to confront Kaido and Big Mom. The pirate in the straw hat made good on his intentions clearly launched a fatal blow against Kaido, who remained on the ground.

The surprise wears off in a matter of seconds, however, as such a shot will not permanently KO a character of Emperor's caliber. So the actual fight begins in ONE PIECE which sees on the one hand the new generation consisting of Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Law and Killer, on the other hand the old generation with the two emperors Big Mom and Kaido side by side after decades of fighting.

If ONE PIECE 1016 has already shown a fight since the first forays, the next installment will not be surpassed. That ONE PIECE 1017 trailer sees a new onslaught of the worst generation where the five pirates attack the two emperors with their trains. The episode is titled "Great Corridors of Skill! The Attack of the Worst Generations!” and will air Sunday, May 15, 2022 in Japan and on Crunchyroll. There will still be plenty of action for everyone.

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