The violent war between Pro Heroes and the Supernatural Liberation Front resulted in Japanese society from My hero academia under severe deterioration conditions. And the mass media only point to one culprit: the hero attempt number one.

After the hard blow of the bad guys, the citizens They no longer trust their heroeswho have been accused of being unable to defend them. Since All Might's withdrawal, the situation has worsened and heroes' society is slowly falling into an abyss in the absence of a new symbol of peace. The guilty? According to the media, there is only one thing: aspiration.

Chapter 300 of My Hero Academia highlights how all mistakes are Endeavor falls on his shoulders. And not only the hero was accused, but also the person. Enji Todoroki has been described as a ignoble father and abusive husband, a person far from the character of a hero.

Still standing on the hospital bed due to his severe injuries, the guilt and regret are still there Devour Enji Todoroki from within. Despite trying to atone for his sins since he eventually became the number one hero, Endeavor's past has returned to haunt him.

The flame hero is appalled that his son Toya, who he believed was killed in an accident, is actually the character behind the mass murderer known as Dabi. Enji admits that he is the only culprit and that he will never be able to stop his beloved offspring. The heroic days of Endeavor seem to be over.

Demolition in tears, repeatedly apologizes to Shoto, Fuyumi, and Natsuo who have just come to visit his room. But what is blocking Enji Todoroki's crying is not his children, but his wife Rei. The future of the Todoroki family is closely linked to that of society of heroes. The return of Endeavor is the Japanese Pro Heroes' only hope.

If this does not happen, a new generation of vigilanti could be involved in order to save My Hero Academia society. Deku and Uraraka together in an unpublished illustration from My Hero Academia.

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