In many series, especially in the Shonen like Dragon Ball, Death Note, and even Lupine IIIthe factor "rivalry" applies. From Goku and Vegeta, from Light and L, according to Japanese fans, here are the best banks in the anime and manga world. Have you already guessed the winners of the leaderboard?

The site GooRanking It is a very well known portal at home as it occasionally offers some interesting surveys about the preferences of the Japanese community. A small sample of the population therefore responded to the latest initiative to adopt the Top 5 best rivals. Before we proceed, we would like to remind you that today on our Twitch channel, the appointment with the Q&A Pop from is back. Triumph from first to fifth place:

  1. Lupine III versus Zenigata::
  2. Goku versus Vegeta;;
  3. Sakuragi and Kaede from Slam Dunk;
  4. Amuro and Char from Mobile Suit Gundam;
  5. Shinichi and the Kaito Kid in Detective Conan;

Only the sixth and seventh place for Light and L of Death Note and for Sasuke and Naruto of the epic of Masashi Mishimoto. The Inuyasha-Sesshoumaru couple came in 16th. After winning the Top 10 Immortal Souls, Lupine III returns to be the winner of the polls on Japanese culture, a symptom that the gentleman thief is still stealing the hearts of thousands of fans today.

And on the other hand, did you expect such a result? As usual, let us know your personal ranking in the area dedicated to comments.

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