In the future of the Future State Event, the Corps of Green Lanterns was shot down, leaving the universe helpless. Only two of them secretly survived, and if they help each other, they may be able to survive until unexpected help arrives.

In the future of the new DC event, Teen Lantern turns out to be a character unique in the Corps of Green Lanterns. Thanks to the changes to her Green Lantern ring, Keli Quintela has managed to become one of the most distinctive characters in the DC Universe. Even the Guardians are still not sure what to do with her.

In Future State: Green Lantern # 2, Teen Lantern is instructed to reunite with Jo Mullein and investigate the energy signature. His partner for this mission is none other than Mogobut which has been heavily influenced by the mysterious phenomenon that has weakened the green lanterns across the galaxy.

When some aliens reach Mogo in the depths of the universe, the Teen Lantern glove, which still contains a small amount of power, allows her to survive long enough for her partner to connect to her battery. In this way the two lanterns they finally manage to communicate. The duo admit they're scared of what's happening and decide to work together.

This partnership could be of great benefit to Keli. Despite being one of the youngest green lanterns, she can already count on the help of the best possible ally. Together, Mogo and Teen Lantern could even prove viable chaotic and dangerous galaxy developed after the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps.

Meanwhile, the old and new Dark Knights meet in Future State: The Next Batman. The Justice League of America is ready to welcome a new entry to Future State: Justice League.

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