Piccolo, the son of the evil wizard Al Satan, was the protagonist of one of the greatest changes in the entire Toriyama saga. Introduced as a great antagonist seeking revenge on Goku, the Namek was tied to his son Gohan and eventually became one of the most trusted Z-warriors in Dragon Ball Z.

To pay homage to this great protagonist, who may have been neglected in Dragon Ball Super, the KDC studio created a character that is not described as beautiful. The collector's statue is 65 centimeters high sees Piccolo take off his cloak and the turban; Free of these counterweights, the Namek is ready to show his true fighting strength.

This prestigious collector's item is available in two versions. In the first case, the dark-faced Z-warrior throws off his heavy clothes and clenches his fist on the right side, while in the second case he grips his newly regenerated limb with a mocking smile. The price for these two versions is 840 euros and 890 euros, respectively.

A price that may seem excessive, but given the overall quality of the statue it highlights the imposing muscle structure the namek is something to justify. And what do you think of this collector's item? If collecting is your bread and butter, here is Goku's epic Super Saiyan transformation in this Dragon Ball Z statue. Marvel's symbiote Venom meets Dragon Ball Z villains in a stunning series of illustrations.

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