Knowledge is always one of the elements needed to reach the top. Although Luffy doesn't try too hard to learn what's happening in the world, he can count on the help of characters of the caliber of Nico Robin, who is always very attentive to keep up to date with what's happening, but above all about the Find out what happened in ONE PIECE.

One of the key moments in Nico Robin's life was that Destruction of Ohara, which used to seem much less important, and which now instead highlights the world government's desire not to resurrect anything that dates from the hundred years of the void. Vegapunk recently featured in ONE PIECE telling it to the Mugiwara via his first satellite Shaka how things really turned out on Ohara after the Buster Call.

Professor Clover and the others were labeled "Devils" by the Navy and World Government, the same as Nico Robin, with the sole purpose of undermining the world, and for that the Buster Call was justified. Obviously this is not the case, as Dragon and Vegapunk well know, but they also discover the legacy of the dead archaeologists. Ohara was able to survive despite total destruction thanks to his books now safe in Elbaf.

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