In the world of Naruto's ninja, techniques are classified according to ranks based on the strength and difficulty of execution, as well as the possible effects they produce. One of the most famous movements is the Rasengan: Created by the fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze and then passed on to Jiraiya and Kakashi, it finally came to his son Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto had to sweat a lot to use it Three Steps to Learn Rasengan, Imposed by Jiraiya. Do you remember what they are Let's review them together.

There The first step in learning Rasengan is to rotate the chakra in multiple directions at the same time. For this purpose, Jiraiya suggests using water-filled water balloons and using the chakra to make it explode. Naruto can only figure out how to do it after seeing a cat playing with water balloons to understand that it had to apply different rotations at the same time and, with the help of a second hand, pass the first phase.

The intermediate step instead, it consists of blowing up a rubber ball, a phase a hundred times more difficult than the previous one. However, Naruto manages to accumulate chakra and then release everything at once, causing a simple puncture of the balloon rather than a complete explosion. For this, Jiraiya will advise him to let the chakra come out of only one point of his hand, and from that moment on the boy will be able to completely explode the balloons.

Finally To create the Rasengan, the first two steps must be combined to create the actual attack. Rotation and power must be combined and kept spherical in order not to disperse the chakra introduced into the technique. Naruto will be able to complete the technique and use it against Kabuto for the first time.

In the course of time we have seen the development of many Rasengan variants, such as the Superior Rasengan, the Multiple Rasengan or the very powerful Rasenshuriken. Naruto's son also develops his own version of Rasengan.

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